the stress in short

It's almost a cliché in my mouth is going to accelerated life: more work, less sleep, more place and situation in our struggle, to be overcome your expectations. Constantly online, the e-mail go, even in the bathroom...


This is, mutatis mutandis, more stress means. Dr. Silk Shirt Or John the stress-research professor of separating “positive” (eustressz) and negative (distress) stress. Since we also know that both kinds of stress, too much may be harmful to our health. A silk shirt or determination based on “stress: the body's non-specific response of the body to get use to. The positive stresst real elixir of life as we live, optimistic, productive, the situation lord we feel as we face the challenging with, and the body within a short time return to the equilibrium state. The negative stress the helplessness, frustration, disappointment, exhaustion, feeling, and various physical symptoms in the form of a indicates that the stress-tolerant ability the limits of approach, and not properly handle the given situation.

Dr. silk shirt or John: “Stress distress without” c. the book of stress 3 stages of distinguishes:

1. EMERGENCY response phase: the body's alarm to the stressor appearance in response. The resistance is reduced. The stress of the heart and circulatory system, the autonomic nervous system, the hormonal glands function switch in such a manner that sufficient power is available to the attack, or escape. This is the “hit or run” reaction in an emergency.

2. RESISTANCE stage: when the body resistance of the normal above, to adapt to the stressor continued presence.

3. EXHAUSTION stage: when the body has no longer power the stressszorhoz to align and appear in the stress-related diseases signs.

The energy which the stressor to adapt to the necessary ADAPTATION of ENERGY called. The stress due to body of ordeal, gradually the insoluble waste material is deposited to a lead, such as: the severity of calcium deposits in the arteries, nodules in the eye lens crystalline deposits of, age spots. A silk shirt or a professor, according to this chemical tendency for the aging.

Every person reacts differently to the same stress situation. So it's not the situation for the finals but also the resilience we have. The stress response-a reaction to our internal and external regulators to determine.

Internal regulators: e.g., the inherited, genetic or learned reactions from childhood, past experience, awareness stress management techniques. External regulators: e.g., climate, lifestyle, eating habits.

The most powerful stress-causing life situations:

1. the spouses or civil partner's death
2. divorce
3. death in the family
4. own illness, injury, accident
5. marriage
6. job loss
7. pension
8. family member health change
9. pregnancy
10. sexual problems
11. a child is born
12. new session starting
13. financial loss or gain (Click here you will find a more complete list.)

Stress physical signs:
– high blood pressure
– arteriosclerosis
– diabetes
– headaches, migraine
– ulcer disease
– insomnia
– exhaustion
– other: eating habits change in sexual problems

Stress emotional signs:
– depression, remission
– anxiety
– panic
– fears of intensification
– irritability
– self-esteem disturbance
– mental exhaustion
– anger

The stress behavior relief signs:
– work avoidance, delays
– tendency for accidents
– retreat, company contact
– drugs of abuse I (alcohol, drugs, nicotine)
– sexual problems
– change your eating routines (weight gain, weight loss)

But what can you do, how can we manage to reduce the too much stress in our everyday life? The menu of additional pages that you can read.


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