online consultation

The online interface using e-mail advisory and Skype-to-Skype os consultation I can support the self-knowledge path.

szamitogep-1038x576Online consultation e-mail or via skype conversation.

Of course, the privilege and the ethics rules of the online counseling is the same as a personal consultation.

When you might want the web form to choose?

  • If there are any obstacles because of you don't know personally to visit (distance, work schedule, young children, etc.).
  • If the work schedule because of practical online interface You.


  • The communicators are missing the meta-communication, that's why the personal meeting compared to poorer.
  • Thus, the efficiency to a small extent, but may decrease.


  • Own schedule in advance, no or less need to adapt to someone else.
  • Comfortable, home environment you can get support in the arising questions.
  • The e-mail form and the online courses in the case of the "didn't get", so it later repeatedly re-read, reconsider the conversation.

If you would like to volunteer or have a question about online counselling, please write e-mail to e-mail address!

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