Positive tuning extra

If you enjoy thinking optimistic, inspiring verses, if you'd like EXTRA aid to get to more optimistic look at life, and it is becoming easier to see the good in everything, the opportunity, then I suggest:

perform the

positive tuning 4-week e-mail course!

Why extra?

– because for a month every week 3 e-mailt get me in the morning (Monday the hétindító e-mail arrives useful to read with Wednesday, the task(s) will arrive on Friday and the reminder to work to keep the focus and complete the exercises).

so a total of 12 e-mail arriving e-mail box,

– all of which help You to life situations, easier to see the positive, forward-looking solutions!

– the course after completing You will automatically be added to the 54 weeks of FREE positive tuning e-mailgroup, which is a full years support You in keeping the achieved a more positive perspective once a week, a positive point of view thought-provoking quotes containing e-mail can help you!

– the course 9.000 Ft cost.


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