The last processing

The last processing of online courses, the manual material is processed 16 times through. The manual contains all the thoughts set and expertise, which is the last processing is required.

The manual order from the people as feedback I have received, that it was the same with great enthusiasm for reading, they made it all up, but then somehow stop the process. (That's a row to read the manual, and emotionally very demanding, the exercises to carry out and is cancelled.) The online course idea is primarily just in this context, was formulated: since details broken down more likely to read the week's target amount of material people.

The practices in connection with the above, it is even more true. Because they are performed without theoretical knowledge set is given to the reader, which is enough of an emotional processing process. That's why reminder weekday to e-mail the online courses are built into these ways to support the courses is that, yes, buy and use their logs, read the books, sit down and remember they are parents to experience their, etc.

The advanced and the extra course includes 4 e-mail change optionwhat the individual assistance allows even large distances even in the case of. These during the course is carried out ways in detail to describe the progress, to tell you the difficult areas, ask questions, and for personalized answers.

Money back guarantee: if you are dissatisfied with the received online courses, please, that the course start date 3. weeks indicate towards me, and that's when the full price, I will reimburse You. 3. week and the 6. between weeks indicated an objection in the case of a 50% refund can be fulfilled, while the 6. weeks after after I can't complaints be adopted.

Basic course

Advanced course

Extra course

The last processed pdf file 16 weeks online 16 weeks online
  4 e-mail from You, the progress 4 e-mail from You, the progress
  Reply to the letter 4 times from me, in response to the e-mail Reply to the letter 4 times from me, in response to the e-mail
    + The last processing pdf file

Price: 3000 Huf

Price: 13.500 Huf

Price: 14.500 Ft


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