The Inner Light Community (ILM) has two main areas offering teachings and practices: one is the Internal Spiritual Journey of the exercise of prayer and meditation by, and the other is the karma of the principles and the freedom of choice understanding. Below introduce you to a few ILM studying these areas in relation (which are the ILM books also can be found).

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Creation and Life Levels

The Creation of every unit, but different than the vibration levels from each other, and the higher and lower realms is organised.

The lower realms of time, space and karma law characteristic may be the higher realms and unity, freedom, love and joy filled actually.

The "Lower Empires"
• the physical plane, which is the physical material realm;
• the astral plane – the creative imagination of empire;
• the cause and reasons of the plane of the emotional empire;
• the mental plane – the brain (the sense and conscious knowledge) empire;
• the ethereal plane – the unconscious realm, which is isolated from each other the lower empire to the felsőbbek from (known as the "empty plane").
Against the above five lower realm, the soul realm of constant and eternal, and only the love and the beauty of you can. When you awareness to this consciousness level, everything that exists has identity – with each other and with God directly we can experience and learn.

The higher or spiritual planes are the following:
• the spirit plane, which is the soul's home;
• the pure spirit of many flat, which is the spirit plane located above.
The three roads which lead you back to the spirit realm of and earth: prayer/meditation, the teachings and the service.

've been taught that there are three basic ways there is a God of learning. These prayer and meditation path, learning path and the service path. When someone is ready to actively follow the spiritual development of the Sound and Light on the Path, then all three will work, as soon as below, you can see.

The very first basic way to know God the prayer and the meditation path. This is the internal travel path of the soul and spirit of active discovery of ourselves within. With access to every day time we devote to meditation, using our own intimacy with God. There are many forms of prayer and meditation and practice conditions in the various schools and teachings. The Inner Light Community (ILM) meditation is internal through the practice of spiritual awakening service.

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