skype consultation

The skype consultation process the following:
1. You sent to the address you log in e-mail, write what you would like to get some help and signalling to Skype consultations you want.

2. Answer you will receive from me, in which I reacted to by You description on and write the sequel detailed terms of, and refers to the necessary account number.

Refers to when the comment section please be sure to include your name and if getting, the e-mail addresses, too.

3. After transfer the Skype consultation against the value of Your second e-mail indicates that the transfer happened and specify which dates would be You adequate for the Skype consultation. The Skype program from here you can download for free:

4. The date will be finalised when the transfer amount appears on the bank account. (That's when I write and e-mail I will send You provide a name and address on the payment invoice.)

5. The consultation, pre-arranged time in the skype program using. The program here download. If you have a webcam and would like the advice of not "faceless" has happened, then, of course, a webcam use is also possible. It is always bilateral: You can see me and I can see You, too.

6. If the communication is a technical problem due to the break, the elapsed time of the communication director in the case of use.

Agreed, but unused time shall be forfeited unless a minimum of 24 hours prior to alert me by e-mail (, not suitable for the appointment.


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