That moves the change – so alive!

In the beginning of time every day living for every day, physically I had to work: the men's team were hunting, the women jointly berries collection. These activities were given your body all the daily movement requirement, which needs the healthy operation of the life energy is sufficient flow. Furthermore, excitement is also equipped us.
Even back then they weren't (and in war there are no) “depression” – who neurological level was the mostly short-lived, as he couldn't fight the situation -and the others are “heal”.

Such quasi “war situation” you can create what the body is for:
– rhythmic, repeated movements associated with sport (running, swimming, cycling, walking, nordic walking, etc.)

-team sports (basketball, football, handball, ping-pong, squash, etc.)

– couples with intimacy with.
The secret:

Just do it!

(I mean, as Nike says: Just do it!)

You need to start, which is sometimes a real challenge. Somewhere, sometime, you need to start the movement and then you'll see, it's much easier: you only need to be continued. You can start dusting, tidying up with. Then you can go for a walk.
Then come the jogging, the friend with a swimming pool trip/ping-pong.

The regularity over time simply through the difficult periods, and in sports the effect of released endorphins provide a good atmosphere – the rest is a beneficial physiological process by.

The negative, stressful feelings to derive one of the great methods of the sport. Here it is important to a dynamic sport as running, football, water polo, cycling, etc.

Later the larger objectives, which is to defeat a real hero feel!
If anything, it increases confidence, self-esteem!

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