everyday stress

As here you could have readthe stress can be “good” or “bad”.

stressz_2Aren't all the same as to say, an intense exercise in living through the body stress (= “good” stress), or business development with new and surprising challenges make us – or, say, work overload, work place bullying because we live through the tension, stress.

In each case, can be detected in human body are the chemical, hormonal and physiological changes, which indicate that the situation has responded to the organization. The lesions observed. The difference in how much fun it is for us to experience and how we chose (how influence below).

As a grown man as hard we do to make a living, when such events we live through, which – we feel – we're not impact, influence.

The first and most important question: are you sure is this true? Are you sure we can't be affecting it?? Jobs can change. (Yes, it might not be easy, but you have to save your life.)

The workout, even if it's not always a pleasure to take, but what we choose. And it's fascinating way, just consciously choose mined, min. for 20 minutes sweating until finished movement preventive, preventive effect on stress-related diseases against the formation of!

The first step is definitely to recognize that a lot of the stress in our lives.

The second is the a conscious lifestyle change all three levels:

– physical: meal attentionsufficient sleep, regular movementtension and anger derived surfaces to create, insert, part of our daily life;

– spiritual quickening: conversations with friends, reading, theatre, museum, exhibitions, films, etc.;

– soul: relaxation, meditation, self-awareness increasing self-expression.

And these DEEDS back to take control of her life!

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