crisis situations

During our life all of us several times we are living through a crisis situation. Any transformation here we are, when all of a sudden major change occurs in our lives.


When first we go to kindergarten/schoolwhen work place changewhen get married or get a divorcewhen child was born or died a loved one, if development on our journey as phase, which causes a lot of change happening in us and/or around us...

This change is expected to have a good time-this, interestingly, is almost negligible: the stress that it causes, will depend on the degree of the change. Therefore, the marriage, for example, all high (50 points) get a value of the Holmes-rah of sorts of stress-scale.

Holmes-rah of scale:

Life events Value
Spouse's death 100
Divorce 73
Separation 65
A close family member's death 63
Accident, injury 53
Marriage 50
Job, job loss 47
Retirement 45
Family illness 44
Pregnancy 40
Sexual problems 39
New family reception 39
Business problems 39
Financial situation changes 38
Marriage conflicts 35
Larger debts 32
New job 29
Children moving out of home 29
Problems with mother-in-law, father-in-law 29
Conflict with the boss 23
The working time and the working conditions change 20
Moving, change in place of residence 20
Holiday 19
Christmas 19

Ellenőzheti how vulnerable the stress in terms of: add up all of those scores, which is the last year you happened. If you received a score of 150 is below, still calm, stress-free can be said to be the year. If your score is 150-300 point between medium under stress. If the score exceeds 300, you are very you are under stress. Of course, this is just a rough approach, it is important in the cases of specific weight.

These are all situations about which we know most likely we'll get through them (most people experience), but strangely this knowledge didn't help the current life situation to fight in. All you can think is “what if” and as a psychologist, I tell you, it is recommended to do from time to time. However, you can't completely prepare you for the experience-side.
The circumstances of life from one moment to another drastic change in the very takes the ability to adapt, and time to the new situation again yourself find.

Individual differences in how one responds to the emergence of new situation. The most typical first reaction is denial, then anger, and finally depression. After this, you can come with acceptance, and finally acceptance. The crisis depending on the degree you may need a psychologist professional happened support conversation. It may be useful to read up on the subject.

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