Sound and Light meditation

The Sound and Light meditation is a self-contained inner spiritual method, path that leads to true self, Spirit and experience to and to learn.

0003_1024The meditation practice description:
• Sit or lie down in a comfortable position in a distractions-free, quiet place.
• Close your eyes and control your attention at the spiritual eye centres, which is the head center of the eyebrows and above.
• Sing to yourself or out loud the “En”1szót or “Ani-Hu”2 phrase repeat on.
• Continuously hold your attention at the spiritual eye center, as long as you sing the “Hu”or “Ani-Hu”-t for as long as possible. If distract you, away from you, simply return your attention to the spiritual eye centres and continue the singing/chanting.
• In your meditation allow yourself to experience the Spirit in yourself.

Consider the above meditation practice in daily use to and recommend from time to time slightly increase the duration of apples. You can start, for example, 15 minutes, and every month 15 minutes to increase your meditating time. Within a year, thus plenty of you reach the target of 2.5 hours daily dose. (This is a 24-hour day of the 10% of what the “tithe” to God, what do you spend your time.)

1Utalva the En words: the modern Sufi, Hazrat Hamstring Khan, Mysticism of Sound, entitled the book of {California: Hunter House, 1979; chapter 8} says: “The Highest Being many name, was called by the different languages, but the mystics I know are Him as Hu (Arabic) ... The hu sound is the most sacred ... The En mystery of it is revealed to the Sufi for the initiation path ... in English the “human” (human) meaning of the word: en ‘God’means, and the man (which is the sanskrit manah-from) ‘in theory’means.”

2Utalva the Ani-Hu expressed: the Surat Shah literature in the “ana of Hoo” 5. area refers to or of the spirit land (Call of The Great Master, Times of India Press, 1964, P. 168).
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