e-mail consultation

The e-mail consultation price:

– 3.500 Huf / e-mail (code: OnKon_01),

at a time 4 times purchased: 13.000 Huf (code: OnKon_04).


1. Write e-mail to info@berkijudit.hu e-mail address you want e-mail consultation option to buy. Then I'll give You the account number where you can wire the amount.

The communication box, please be sure to include your name and the chosen code. If getting, the e-mail addresses, too.

2. After the transfer has arrived, or e-mail to You. Then write the question of topic covered e-mail the info@berkijudit.hu e-mail address. Please, maximum 2 A/4 page long write (13, TNR with a font size of at 1,5 line spacing).

3. Letter of receipt within 7 working days to answer. (And then I'll give you and e-mail I will send You provide a name and address for the deposit invoice as well.)

4. If more than one e-mail that you have purchased, then again, You're next. 7 and 14 days in between to write the next letter, because first you need to perform the received task and the letter with the information needed to settle it themselves. Then you can write its findings, thoughts, and experiences with the practices regarding. (The purchased time/time of the salary, calculated within a year can use, in addition, will be deleted.)

bejelentkezem: info@berkijudit.hu

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