Inner Light Community (ILM)

The Inner Light Community (Inner Light Ministries – ILM) a non-profit organization that meditation is internal through the practice of spiritual awakening service.


This meditation technique is an inner path, why during the soul beyond the creation of a physical realm of limits, and achieve true home in the spiritual realm, in God's heart.
The spiritual teacher applications and literature in this meditation often as a "Sound and Light Way"as the "Spirit Way"as the "Way of Love"-as, or simply "The Way"-referred to as. The Inner Light Community (ILM) teachers by initiation also offer the choice for allowing you to fully experience the awakening.

To support those, who are interested in this for the journey towards the Inner Light Community countless (free) publications, materials, program and service offering. All this is to encourage the devotion to God and support prayer, meditation, spiritual studies and the service of lifelong exercise.

For more information Sound and Light Journey meditation. Free to download, English translated materials to find the Free download menu.

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