data management statement

Data protection information

– The controller's name, address, contact details:

Berki, Judit, e-mail:, 0620 3111 394 (e-mail, exact address sent)


– the scope of managed data:

Treatment of data treatment personal data: name, phone number, address, e-mail address, date of birth, occupation.
– the purpose of data management:

Data management is a specific purposes – education, information, administration, and obligation in order to operate. All personal and other data to the data management directives in accordance with the treatment, I to third parties without prior consent we do not give out. The purpose of data management: personal and online interface express consent.


– persons concerned:

Everyone who has a website to subscribe to the newsletter, e-mail writing, in person counseling visits.

– the data have to meet to entitled to the data managing person:

Data management trusted employee, it specialist, mail delivery.


– data management duration:

Min. 8 years of stored data, e-mail or by post on request delete (


– the specified data view, change, or törölése:

This way: the e-mail address to send e-mail with possible.
– when ordering data, change or delete:
This way: the e-mail address to send e-mail with possible to request the data for any modification.


– response time is the data by changing or deleting related requests:

The data manager part of e-mail/post, ask, this direction questions within 15 working days to answer. The data controller about the user's use of the service before Data protection regulations from for more information.

– the data protection for more information on the rights specify:

  1. The right of access

Concerned is entitled to obtain from the controller get feedback regarding the personal data treatment is in progress, and if such data management is in progress, shall be entitled to the personal data and the regulation listed in information access get.

  1. The rectification rights

Concerned is entitled to request the data controller shall, without undue delay corrigendum relating to inaccurate personal data. Taking into account the data management purpose, the concerned is entitled to request the incomplete personal data, including supplementary declaration, by – supplement.

  1. Right to erasure

Concerned is entitled to request the data controller shall, without undue delay, delete the relevant personal data, the data controller is obliged to relating to a data subject's personal data without undue delay delete specified conditions.

  1. The forgotten to fight for rights

If the controller had disclosed the personal data, and delete required, the available technology and the implementation costs, taking into account take the reasonable steps, including technical measures, in order to inform the data manager the data manager to the relevant applicant of the relevant personal data, links or personal data, a copy of, or of a duplicate cancellation.

  1. Data management to restrict rights

Concerned is entitled to request the controller to limit the data processing, if one of the following conditions is met:

  • concerned disputes the accuracy of the personal information, in this case, the restriction on the duration, which allows the controller to check the accuracy of the personal information;
  • the data management is unlawful, and the affected against the data to be deleted, and instead, ask that use of the limitation;
  • the controller no longer needs the personal data for data management purposes, but concerned, requires those legal claims presented to, exercise or defence;
  • concerned protested the controller against; in this case, the restriction to the period until the conclusion not be that the data controller's legitimate grounds for priority-this concerned a legitimate reason compared with.
  1. The data portability right to

Concerned shall be entitled to the applicable, by a data handling all personal data provided to layout, widely used in machine-readable format you receive, and is entitled to these data to another data controller forward without that this would prevent the controller that the personal data provided. More about this click here: data portability.


  1. Your protest rights

Concerned is entitled to their own situation-related reasons at any time, object to personal data (...) against the management, if the management of personal data the data controller's legitimate interest, or the public due to the nature of place.


  1. Protest direct marketing evening

If the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes happens, the affected is entitled to at any time object to the personal data relating to them for this purpose against the management, including the profile creation, if the direct marketing is related to. If you are concerned to protest the personal data for direct marketing purposes, treatment of, your personal data, hereinafter referred to as this purpose not be treated.


(Last change: 2019.09.19.)

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