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Berki, Judit (hereinafter referred to as Provider) website activities and advisory work during the following detailed legislative provisions compliance with the act.

General provisions
The website information self-determination right and the freedom of information of 2011. évi CXII. law under which the information right to self-determination and freedom of information to ensure order was made and, inter alia, personal data protection is a fundamental rule about. The law relevantoh details

The website and the service Provider's compliance with the 2018. from 25 may apply general data protection regulation (the gdp of) control of. The data protection officer: Berki, Judit.


Data management is a specific purposes – education, information, administration, and obligation in order to operate. All personal and other data to the data management directives in accordance with the treatment, I to third parties without prior consent we do not give out. The purpose of data management: personal and online interface express consent.

Treatment of data treatment personal data: name, phone number, address, e-mail address, date of birth, occupation.

The electronic commerce law based on the Provider's website for product sales in order to manage personal data, which is the product sales to (purchase order creation, monitoring its performance, arising from charges billed) technically, it is essential, however, in this case, only to the necessary extent and time. The data supply is voluntary, however failure to prevent performance of the service.

The Services of the data any, in the service of different purposes – in particular, services to increase efficiency, market research, etc. – only for data management purposes prior definition of addition and the customer's contribution based on the you can manage. Concerned without the consent of the data will not be given to third persons.

The Service deletes the service during the recorded data, if the affected provision (prohibits data management). The service Provider, the general Terms and Conditions provided for in, a minimum of 8 years are stored in the order data. This time period has elapsed, delete the weekly recorded data. The data owner's express request, of course first there this way. This way: the e-mail address to send e-mail with a possible request.


The service Provider shall ensure that the user of the services and the demand for income at any time during the meet, to the service provider which data management purposes, which data types handling. The service Provider for e-mail/post, ask, this direction questions within 15 working days to answer. The data controller about the user's use of the service prior to this privacy policy for more information.

The law on the subjects related to data management rights:
• information
• correction
• delete
• insight
• objection to the controller against
The above rights to be exercised subject to detailed terms and conditions of the informational self-determination rights and the freedom of information of 2011. évi CXII. the law contains. For further information on the gdp of the provisions of.

This way: the e-mail address to send e-mail with possible to request the modifications in the data.

The data protection leaflet from here you can download: Data protection information

Data protection Officer data

Name: Berki, Judit

Address: 2800 Tatabánya, Hunting u. 127.

Tel.number: 0620 3111 394

E-mail address:



The sign-up or oral authorisation on the basis of the Services these withdrawal manage your newsletter subscription information. Your consent at any time restriction and without justification, free to be withdrawn, this is the link in each newsletter at the bottom of available. In this case, the declaration of a variable name and any other personal information to the newsletter register immediately deleted, and part of commercial will no longer be sent.

The withdrawal statement was made in the newsletter at the bottom of link, post, and electronic mail have the option. The revoke statement only then can the Service be met, if the declaration of the person making it clearly identifiable.

I inform that if you sign up for an online course, you will be automatically added to the newsletter to subscribe to, they include (as of this course sign up at the information You need). Out of here at any time of the newsletter in the link by clicking you can subscribe to, of course, for your chosen online course subscribe to reader's left.

Data storage and processing

The service Provider (the advertiser) the contribution specified in the contribution statement of the person making personal data records. Is this recorded in the register – the advertising addressed to the relevant data only contributing statement in accordance with, its withdrawal can be treated, and to third parties only for the concerned person's prior consent can be given through.

The website newsletter subscribe to the data provided by a data-processing processes, i.e., records the registered ones, records the check-out by forwarding the newsletters to the currently active registration holders. The data processing activities of the above act under and in accordance with the provisions, the service Provider's instructions properly.

If the newsletter, online courses, etc. to subscribe to or personal counseling and/or other connection gives you data, that indicates that you accept this privacy policy. With this data, the present data protection Regulations pursuant to the management contribution.


The website and/or personal work during the Service is in possession of data, in particular with regard to the personal data, secrecy subject. To third parties only to the data owner's express permission for my personal information to give you.

The service Provider must provide the electronic tools (laptop, telephone, computer, e-mail account) password-protected, virusírtót and firewall protection up-to-date apply, the written documents from unauthorized access to prevent key locked storage space

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