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Soul medicine Berki, Judit said, the mother can starve, but your child's suffering can't take it. I don't mind if bulvárosodik the psychologist profession, because it allows more people to get the information and help you to figure out that it's not just our bodies and our spirits and souls that also need to be maintained.

If everyone has their own psychologist? If there's a heart in the luxury of complaining? Why do we judge very quickly over others? We love the passive dose? About these topics we talk Berki Judit psychologist.

Tóth Ilona,Tatabánya


– Two american women three days getting to know Paris. He asks one of: – You, what is now a good time? What's the other one: Huh-huh... I don't know, can you call the psych? One of my favorite joke. Real or merely a status symbol that the americans own psychologist have? You are important to this?

– I do not think that everyone needs a psychologist, but a family can be useful the help. Otherwise, a suv car can be a status symbol and you can use items. Depends on the individual what to use. I tell you an example: the husband is shouting, the woman rough with him. The psychologist will help you to grasp the point, and it turns out I don't the wife's not mad at the husband, but the work of “team it” to the loved ones of.

– In our country, more and more people have a doctor, personal trainer, nutritionist of the natural you: hairdresser, beautician, butcher, grocery store. And spirit medicine of?

– Now more and more people recognize the changes you need in your life, which is moving now suffering. The psychologist support through the self-knowledge process, which consists of techniques, methods you can learn for how you can better yourself. For example, a very good method of journal writing every day: interesting and worth a bit at a time to read, because we can get to the point of my past mistakes and I recognize we pay attention to them, and so by the time we are not following any of. The lifestyle changes many healers they need: the psychologist by a gp, a nutritionist, and kinezológusra...

– The high cost of living in a rush, there's enough attention to the people, ourselves?

– I think it is very important to have a regular time and space we give to ourselves. Try what I do. My experience in writing I want to pass, already completed the first and very dear to me subject: from the past to the handbook. A lot about everything: about how to process a childhood, a life active bad memories. About how to strip away the guilt, and that the social environment affects the individual, because I can't tell you that the reality had nothing to do with me, all around me the world I, too, like everyone else, I have that effect, I can create it..

– The guilt levetkőzés of therapist or priest? ...
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(2010. August 31.)

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