Stress management training

If You are able to in their daily pent-up stress, and thereby reduce the harmful effects, and kunstruktívan use building in order to the very positive impact on your life with satisfaction and quality of life.

The training includes:

– the stress-related theory, see description (formation, role in our lives, disadvantages and treatment methods),

– relaxation and meditation techniques mastery,

– as well as demand individual consultation time for each participant.


Self-knowledge based asszertivitás training

The to know whether with ourselves, goals, and whether those steps broken down to achieve, basically, determines how successful we ourselves are satisfied with in this life.

Self-knowledge bases and the asszertivitás (i.e. önérvényesítő a) theoretical and practical side of presenting our training useful:

– if you have difficulty with the önérvényesítő with (excessively withdrawn, can't stand up the opinion),

– difficulty in formulating up to yourself what you want,

– if sometimes too overwhelming for you, the environment,

– if it's just manipulation, hízelkedéssel know his intention to push through

– if Your work deals with people.


The training minimum 4 persons from the start, small groups in (max 8-10 persons) and bigger (max. of 50 persons) are also available. Schedule: weekdays evening or weekend, a full day. Login:


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