About me

Think that's more useful to go fishing to teach you something, like fish you give him.

Berki Judit, I am education my as a chartered counselling psychologist. Additional training: mediation (conflict management method) and Reiki master. Perspective and training have when it comes to choosing the pursuit of a holistic, whole oral emberkép to capture. Advisory work, inter alia, to use previous experience and performed regularly meditation has a beneficial effects.

 Training my:

    • EuroPsy diploma (2014. October)
    • ELTE PPK Counselling psychologist training, crisis specialization (2012-2014, 2 years of training)
    • Sound and Light meditation, training and service (February 2008 from constantly)
    • the London country, imported into Essence Seminarson of assistant participation, organisation (from 2006 until the end of 2013)
    • A miracle's Path (Course in Miracles) individual courses – 1 year of training, which aims to move the love flow to block an audit of obstacles
    • psychodrama self-awareness group (250 hours)
    • EFT (Emotional Release Technique) base course (2007 autumn)
    • Essence Leadership seminar (Life seminar) in Sofia (summer 2007, 2.5 months)
    • Social relations course (2005)
    • ELTE PPK psychology degree (2005)
    • Reiki I, II. and master courses and initiation
    • mediator /mediation training (150 hours) – this building blocks: non-violent communication, your own needs to communicate the importance of

So far, work in very diverse and varied tasks I could, including the tata educational advisor, the Sunflower foundation, the Essence Seminars around. My life coach during the course of the anorexia from parents/teachers of any conflict from the career choice issues through to adulthood, and the relationship problems, death, grief and pass question and spiritual progress, to breakthrough all sorts of areas I have come in contact. A crisis in the understanding, loving attention from launched support, and the multi-perspective show to keep it useful.

I strive to be in writing to share, I recognize my humanity, thereby supporting the self-healing service for many. These works support You symptoms background the reasons for the finding: as only by solving, you can achieve lasting, real change. Finished manual books by clicking on this link you can see.

Professional credo

Approach psycho dynamic basis, i.e., the internal, hidden drivers detection, I consider first a problem of thinking in the case. Attitude was the Rogers of the approach I use: I believe that every person has their own path, which he himself must recognize, and decides to act on it. I don't know the answers to your questions, but I can support that, to find!

With me to work in your own lives for taking responsibility of required, which to be honest you want. I don't judge, don't draw long-term conclusions, and the third person I don't give out that information. I strive to be authentic to be present in the relationship, listen to intuition me and expand my expertise. English fluent, conversational level, I'm talking about. (The Hungarian Psychological Association I'm a member of.)

Lots of love I'm waiting for your application!



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