Covid fatigue

We all thought it would be gone by 2021, it won't be with us, it'll be over. Once the nightmare is over, you can go back to the movies, to the museum, to the theater, to swim, to train, to party... to live free again. But that's not the case, as we can see.

We're tired by now. It's been almost a year since your Covid, and we've gotten used to it, and we've had enough of it. We want to get out, move on, get it over with. The fact that spring fatigue is at the moment does not help the situation. 

It's not over yet. What can you do?

  • in a safe environment (where there are no other living things), let's take our anger out (shout out in a free space, puff out pillows/punching bags, tear up things that have become redundant, etc.)
  • we can cry ourselves out in our helplessness over the situation.
  • let's rest, let's go to nature
  • start playing around with Covid: you can create a home cinema for yourself, as time improves, you can also take a trip with a few friends, you can also give yourself a home wellness experience. The point is to recharge.
  • let's eat vitamins, seasonal fruits/vegetables, fill up our vitamin stores

Believe me, like everything, this will pass.


Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator