The 5 love languages test and evaluation

Gary Chapman's personal love language is the foreign language to compare. If you have two different language with people you meet, difficult or even not created the communication between them. If one of them learns the other's language, then it is possible the conversation, but difficult situations in a foreign language cannot be a substitute for the mother language. So, the optimum communication can only be established if both parties learns the other's mother tongue, i.e. love language.

Another graphic metaphor of personality we have an engine similar to that which they regularly need to have fuel in order to function properly. In marriage, the spouses ' task is none other than each other's love tank of the upload. The misunderstandings, disappointments and marital problems due to the fact that our love is not our partner's love language is expressed.[1]

The five love languages is the following:

  • Words of appreciation
  • Quality time
  • Gift giving
  • Favors
  • Physical touch

Of these, we all have a primary love language, which more deeply affect us than all the others. Similarly, if you don't let's talk about couple's primary love language, then he probably didn't feel sufficient love, even if the other language well “let's talk”.[2]

Which one is your primary love language? The words of appreciation, quality time, gifts, favors, or physical touch? Maybe you already know exactly, but it may be that you have no idea. The following test is performed after you're sure you know the answer.

Love language test and evaluation of


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